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The Torah After Army Association was established in 2005 and created a movement that operates throughout the country with the aim of helping military and national service graduates to integrate Torah into their everyday beings.
Our projects:

The "Habura" project

Talmud lessons on Zoom, for a group from all over the country who study Gemara, as in yeshiva, but from home after work and school.
A participant from the group wrote to us: "The project allows each of us to study issues in Gemara, even if he cannot attend an orderly yeshiva class, due to work constraints, family, children, studies and more. The source pages include guiding questions and an appendix of answers for those interested. They are clearly worded and include many sources, opening up the possibility for all of us to continue with in-depth study."

Young Couples Foundation

In the past year, the Young Couples Foundation of Torah After Army, distributed again, scholarships to newlyweds who incorporate Torah in practical life. The couples expressed gratitude and appreciation for the help at the beginning of their marriage. Thanks to the generous donors!

Study groups at work!

At work like in high-tech offices or government ministries, the writings of Rav Kook and Gemara issues are studied, with source pages specially prepared for young people, who thus manage to integrate Torah into practical life.

Yeshiva days for soldiers

Once a month, we hold a yeshiva day for soldiers, in cooperation with the military rabbinate. The soldiers arrive and learn from 9:00 A.M. lessons in Halacha, Gemara and Emuna that strengthen them in "Leumiut" and "Yisraeliut". The soldiers return to their bases from such a day motivated to continue to serve faithfully with joy!

Publishing of books and booklets

B"H, we published a fourth edition of the book "Mishtachririm", and received special permission to distribute it in the army. The book was distributed free of charge to soldiers in preparation for discharge, by the military rabbinate, in order to direct the religious graduate of the army, towards his life as a citizen.
We are coming out with a series of booklets on topics in Emuna explained by the writings of "Harav Kook". The subject of the first booklet is "Emuna".

Our website

We are constantly refining our website in order to give vital information to military graduates as well as lessons and articles.

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